Organizational Membership

Cultivate provides your professionals with easy-to-access programs that promote practical well-being skills. The goals of this annual membership program will be to:

Teach evidence-based well-being skills to professionals.

Train professionals in applying these skills to their professional lives.

Provide the highest value training through live group and e-learning options.

Promote diverse and ongoing practices of these skills through brief practice sessions designed specifically for busy professionals.

Promote a community of professionals that is learning and practicing well -being skills.

Organizational Membership includes:

Included in your membership is unlimited participation which is extended to alumni, summer associates, etc.

  • quarterly live (group) mindfulness workshops

  • weekly live (group) virtual yoga classes

  • weekly live (group) virtual mindfulness check-ins

  • library of asynchronous classes and programs

  • discount on additional firm-specific and group programs (details below)

  • communities feature (add-on -- details below)

  • Live Virtual Workshops

  • Live Virtual Classes

  • Elearning

  • Community Discussions

  • Resource Library

  • Mini-lessons