What is this workshop about?

At Cultivate we believe that all professionals can find calm, control and a sense of connection at work.  Our foundations workshop introduces mindfulness and applied positive psychology research and techniques. 

We will explore the physiology and psychology of stress and practice practical and simple tools geared towards managing your response to stress.

We will explore advanced mindfulness topics, such as emotional regulation and positive practice. We will practice integrating various practices and consider how to develop constructive and lasting stress-management habits. 

By the end of the course, you will be on your way to developing the practices that work best for you.

Workshop Components

This course will consist of the following components:

  • Educational Content

    presentation / discussion / reading / video

    Participants will learn about mindful science and research, breathing, stress, and learn more effective and skillful responses to the challenges and demands of everyday life. In parallel, we will also explore how to integrate mindfulness practices into our lives through practice and repetition.

  • Content Supporting Exercises

    formal and practice and learning exercises

    In each lesson, participants will learn about and practice different forms of mindfulness including sitting meditation, body scan, and walking meditation as well as learning exercises such as mindful eating, speaking and listening, and mindfulness of daily activities. In each class, there will be periods of formal mindfulness practice, small and large group discussions, as well as practices and exercises related to that session's topics.

  • Recordings for Self-paced Practice

    guided meditation practices

    Because practice is an essential part of the program, participants are encouraged to practice setting aside 5-15 minutes of recorded practice as well as completing other exercises, activities between sessions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to Cultivate's Live Foundation Course

    • Before we get started

    • Workshop Resources and Exercises

  • 2

    Cultivate Foundation Course Daily Meetings

    • Cultivate Live Foundation Course February 17th, 2pm - Day 1

    • Cultivate Live Foundation Course February 24th, 2pm - Day 2

    • Cultivate Live Foundation Course March 3rd, 2pm - Day 3

    • Cultivate Live Foundation Course March 10th, 2pm - Day 4